Just Wow

Feb 28, 2017

“I speak of love awake I speak of love in my dreams,
To the water, the shadows, the mountains,
To the flowers, the grass, the fountains.”

~ Mozart, The Marriage of Figaro

I cannot imagine a more spectacular way to have celebrated Valentine’s Day, 2017 than to have attended the sold out Pinkerton Retirement Specialist Opera CDA evening at the beautiful Wildlife Museum with my husband.  Not only, did this event raise over $12,000.00 for Opera CDA, but it gave Non-Opera People, some of whom, admittedly had been dragged there by their spouses, a chance to become OPERA PEOPLE! 

I was there uniquely, as both a guest and as the Board President.  Not only was I ridiculously impressed (again) with our talented singers, Dawn Wolski (who has since accepted a position as our General Director) and Brandon Michael, but I was able to bask in the satisfaction and pride of watching the reactions of the other guests to the musical offerings.  There was not a song to which couples didn’t turn and look at each other and quietly whisper, “Wow!”

I cannot speak for everyone in the room; but, I can speak for myself and share my experience.   Our singers sing, and I feel it with every facet of my being.  I have an honest to goodness physiological response – it is visceral.  Some describe it as “chills.”  That works.  You do not “hear” opera…you “feel” it.  That feeling can only be experienced in person.  My words cannot do it adequate justice.  You just have to come and join us.  Just as new opera fans were born on this night, more will come and more will be made – we just need to give them the incentive.  Dan Pinkerton did that.  Magical voices; Celeste Johnson and Dan Pinkerton’s accomplished musical accompaniments; moments of loving and positive reflection about our relationships in our marriage, our family, and our community; a one-of-a-kind setting; a wonderful dinner; and coming together with interesting, community minded people to help non-profits– and well…it was a night to remember.

Opera CDA is extremely grateful to the Pinkertons for their generosity.  We not only benefitted financially from the event, but we did and will continue to benefit from the exposure the evenings will afford our company and our performers.  If you missed the Valentine’s nights, don’t worry!  There will be more similar evenings ahead.  The next event will be an Easter Romance Four-Course Dinner Event, featuring Opera CDA singers, and benefitting Good Samaritan on Friday, April 7 or Saturday, April 8, 2017 from 6pm – 9pm.   Follow the link on our website to purchase tickets, visit www.NightAtMuseum.org, or call 800-634-2008.

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